Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some animal doodles to start things off

Well, here it is.  My brand new art blog.  Now I too have leapt onto the cultural bandwagon that is 'blogging.'  Hurray!

I've been out here in California for almost a year now and feeling a bit disconnected from my Minnesota brethren.  So I decided 'what better way to tell everyone back in the North Country what I've been up to then to actually show them?!'

It's always better to have another pair of eyes looking at your work, and I'm hoping that having those eyes (or at least those potential eyes) looking over my shoulder might motivate me a bit towards getting things done.  I have a nasty habit getting really involved with an idea, then moving right on to the next midway through.  "I'll come back to it," I tell myself, "...eventually."

This problem is compounded by my reluctance to show people work that isn't finished.  Well no more!  On this blog I will show you my doodles, concept sketches, storyboards, and roughs in all of their half baked glory!  Critique them, comment on them, tell me what ones you like and don't like.  I'm always open to constructive criticism.

So, as this is an ART blog, let's kick things off with... what else?  Some art!  Here are some animals for your viewing pleasure.

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