Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Evolution of 'Primates' Part III

After nailing down the basic look of Steven. It was time to finalize some of the other key characters of the story, beginning with April, the female lead.

My basic idea for April is that she is everything that Steven is not; attractive, witty, confident, and well spoken. The problem (as I mentioned before) is how to make her attractive, but still thoroughly ape in appearance.
Steven is a rather short character. April and he stand roughly eye to eye. In one version Steven was even shorter, but that just made him too pathetic.
This was my first April turnaround. It wasn't bad, but I felt like I was simply putting female attributes (I.E. long hair) over a masculine ape's skull. Additionally, the lack of hair on the face was, I felt, kind of cheating.
And so I came to this design. I decided that rather than try to hide the facial hair I should just stylize it. I also gave her a far more ape like nose and hair while maintaining unmistakably feminine eyes.
Steven's friend Ian has stayed more consistent in his basic design then the other characters. His aloof, sunken eyes, sarcastic smile, thick jutting brow, and messy hair have been with him since the beginning.
However, the basic forms underneath these attributes, combined with their stylization, have gone in all different directions. This digital version of Ian (with eyes far too big) just didn't have the same flair.
In the end I did basically the same thing that I did with Steven. Combining my favorite headshots of Ian into a single turnaround. I then went over it with the red lines to stylize the proportions a bit.

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