Friday, October 16, 2009

The Evolution of 'Primates' Part II

So after playing around a bit with these ape characters I decided to start nailing down their final designs.  This was a painful process, as in every incarnation there was something I different that I liked.  I'd be convinced that "this is the final version" only to draw one that made me second guess myself.

I knew exactly what I wanted to communicate, but finding the best (and simplest) way to do so involved a lot of drawing, re-drawing, and re-re-drawing.
Here's a lineup of some of the story's main characters.  From right to left; Ian, Steven's cocky but goodhearted former roommate, David, Steven's asshole new roommate, Steven, our protaganist, Tim, his uptight other roommate, and Ralph, his good friend.  You'll notice our female lead is conspicuously absent.  At this time I was still figuring out how to portray attractive female apes.
Headshots of Ian, (dark haired) Steven, and David.
James (Steven's other friend and fellow biology major), Tim, and an incidental character.
More shots of Ralph.
In addition to the faces, I began to work more on the physicality of these ape creatures, and how I would streamline them for the comic.
I played around with size, posture, and the like.  I also considered going back to more human designs (as you can see on the bottom of this page).
I decided against it, and considered going in exactly the opposite direction, using the various ape species.  This was a concept of a baboon character.  I'm still not sure whether I will be using him or not.   He hovers a little too close to furry for me.
This was Steven's first "final" design.  His features are a roughly fifty-fifty blend between human, with big expressive eyes and a very human profile.
I must admit was a bit surprised when my good friend David Lundin preferred this (far more chimp-like) version of Steven, with a further protruding mouth, more prominent brow ridge, naturalistic ape nose, and shorter hair.
I decided that a re-design was in order.  In this file I gathered together all of my favorite quick sketches of Steve and combined the elements I wanted into a final cohesive design.  The resulting turnaround has formed the basis of Steven ever since, but I'm always open to new suggestions.

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